Light filled beautiful rooms

Grattan St Counselling Rooms are located at 17 Grattan St, between Rathdowne and Drummond St. The rooms are housed in a gorgeous, heritage, terrace house renovated to high standards. In this house there are 5 rooms suitable for counselling, one of them is also set up as a training and group room. There are 2 bathrooms, a reception and waiting area and a counsellors' only kitchen. Most of the rooms are airconditioned and all are heated.

Central Location

The Grattan St rooms are the most central of the rooms, and are easy to access be public transport. One hour parking is available around the corner in Drummond St and two hour ticket parking is available in Rathdowne St. Two hour and four hour parking is available in the streets on the other side of Rathdowne St, to the north of the Exhibition Gardens. Please contact Dan Vogel at or 03 9650 9691 with any queries.



17 Grattan St Carlton


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Manager Contact Details

Dan Vogel
Tel: 03 9650 9691