We rent rooms for counselling

Established 2005 in Melbourne Australia we have 18 locations and 84 rooms available. Rooms are rented on an hourly basis and are chosen by you; using our simple online calandar or your smart phone.

Here are some of the rooms we rent.

Carlton - Grattan St
Fitzroy North
Kew Towers
Carlton - Grattan St

If this is the kind of place you'd like to work, keep reading and we'll explain how it works.

We can also help you find clients

We also offer the free service Counselling Access Online which is a website designed to help clients discover you. You do this by creating your profile page with your photo, a small bio, your specialities and the hours you are available. Potential clients can then use our 'find a counsellor' questionnaire to match their needs to your skills.

You will also be discoverable via Google or other search engines. It's a bit like having a free professional website.


All of our locations are independantly owned and operated. Each has its own unique character, yet all share the goal of providing comfortable confidential Counselling Rooms.

Browse through the list on the right, or check out the map below to find a location that suites you.

Once you've decided, each location will have a sign up form down the bottom of its page.

Map of locations